• Next Meeting--Thursday, Dec. 4, 7:00 PM at the Community Room of the Ballston Firehouse Station (located at Wilson Blvd and N. George Mason Drive). Special guest speaker will be John Vihstadt, recently re-elected Arlington County Board member.

July 21, 2014

Arlington Greens July 2014 picnic

Events — @ 2:27 pm

Great music from Still Standing Band at our picnic on July 20 at Potomac Overlook.

Below are Greens Kirit Mookerjee, Miriam Gennari and Steve Davis with John Vihstadt, independent county board member who attended as well. We support him in the coming November election and were a key part of his victory in last Springs electiongreens picnic july 2014


June 19, 2014

Arlington Green Party Endorses John Vihstadt for Arlington County Board on June 16

Candidates — @ 11:27 am

Press release: Arlington Green Party Endorses John Vihstadt for Arlington County Board on June 16

The Arlington Green Party AGP) at a special June 16 meeting voted to endorse independent county board member John Vihstadt for reelection on Nov. 4, 2014.

Arlington Greens had previously endorsed Vihstadt in April,
and he was elected to complete the remaining term of a vacant county
board seat. The November election is to fill that seat for the next
four years.

AGP chair John Reeder said,” that Greens believed that Vihstadt’s
policies are already making a difference on the County Board and are
consistent with many of the Green’s positions over the years, such as
opposition to a trolley on Columbia Pike and to other wasteful,
white-elephant projects, and support for environmental programs in

Said Vihstadt in welcoming the endorsement, “The Arlington Green Party endorsement means that we are well on the way to replicating our fusion coalition that brought victory on April 8.”

The Arlington Greens had nominated candidates in county board elections for 7 consecutive years (2006-13,) but in 2014 decided to endorse fusion independent Vihstadt rather than nominate a Green member.


June 13, 2014

Don Beyer buys (“wins”) the 8th Congressional Democratic primary with $1.1 million with 17,700 votes at a cost of $62 per vote

political campaigns — @ 4:11 pm

The Democratic Party’s primary on June 10 proved once again that money talks and hot air walks: Don Beyer the Volvo dealer owner and millionaire spent over a million dollars to get about 17,800 votes (46 percent of 38,000 votes cast). The total votes cast were less than 10 percent of active registered voters in the 8th Congressional district that includes all of Arlington, the City of Alexandria, and a portion of Fairfax County. The eight leading candidates spent $4 million or $105 per vote cast to market themselves to voters. http://electionresults.virginia.gov/resultsSW.aspx?type=CON&map=CTY


Beyer spent $61.80 per vote cast for him. He blanketed households of known Democratic-leaning voters with slick brochures, telemarketing calls, and extensive paid telemarketing campaign like he was selling a new Volvo sedan. Beyer’s nearest Democratic competitors were Arlington state delegate Patrick Hope who spent $268,000 and got 7,092 votes ($35 per vote received) and Alexandria state senator Adam Ebbin raised $291,000 and got 5,262 votes at $48 per vote received. The highest spending candidate per vote received was Laverne Chatman who spent $192 per vote received.

According to press reports, Beyer used his ties to Obama campaign donors to raise the big bucks as well as loaning his campaign $200,000 from his own pocket. Don Beyer may be a good businessman and nice man, but he is a multimillionaire, and a member of the top 1%, and his mind set and interests inevitably reflect the interests of that group. Most of us living here in Northern Virginia are working and middle class people, highly education with good incomes but clearly not millionaires and wealthy businessmen.

Will Beyer if he wins the general election understand the concerns of the bottom 99%–such as lack of middle class jobs and middle class income and help for young and unemployed people facing a bleak job market with heavy student debts? Will Beyer champion higher taxes on the upper 1% and middle class persons concerns that conflict with the rich and the corporations who got us into this economic mess? Will Beyer advocate for a higher carbon tax that will cut sales of Volvos, SUVs, and vehicles?

Candidates of the U.S. Green Party refuse to accept corporate or PAC funds. It will take the rise of an independent and progressive political party like the Greens with many successful candidates to begin to reform our corrupt political process. The Democratic and Republican Parties are essentially business organizations that rich people use to rise to power in order to protect the interests of the 1%.


June 10, 2014

Arlington parents and residents oppose building a new large sized middle school in Rosslyn at Wilson School site

Development,schools — @ 10:13 am

A group of parents and residents are circulating a petition to the APS board against a mega school proposed to cover most of the Wilson School site. Mark Antell, a Green members, heartily supports their perspective and recommend that civic minded citizens sign the petition.

The Arlington Green Party has NOT taken a position on this petition, but several Green members endorse this petition and oppose building a mega school at the Wilson School site. Community activists have mentioned other locations for a needed middle school in the county–for example, two closed schools–the Fairlington Community Center in south Arlington, and the Madison Recreation Center near Chain Bridge in north Arlington, as well as existing empty commercial office buildings in Crystal City, Rosslyn, and other locations.

wilson school photo2

Here’s the petition site



June 6, 2014

Arlington Greens special meeting: June 17, Tues, 7 pm

Events,green meetings — @ 11:53 am

Arlington Greens will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, June 17 at 7 PM at the Ballston Fire Station Community room (located on Wilson Blvd near the intersection of Wilson Blvd and George Mason Dr.)

The purpose of the meeting:

Consider an endorsement of John Vihstadt for Arlington county board election to be held in November.

Note.–we previously endorsed Vihstadt for the April special election to the county board and he won that election.

We will likely NOT meet in July and possibly August since we are planning an Arlington Greens summer picnic that month. We will be emailing out details of the picnic once we get it settled.


John Reeder


May 13, 2014

A Green’s perspective on Arlington’s affordable housing progam–complete failure

Affordable Housing — @ 10:26 am

house_sketchPublic testimony from Arlington Green member and former AGP chairman Steve Davis before the Arlington County Board on May 10, 2014

Good morning members of the County Board.

Today I am here to speak about our affordable housing program In 2013, the county added only 55 new committed affordable housing apartments (CAFs). The county board years ago set a target of adding 400 new CAF units annually. So last year the county government met only 14% of your target.

Last year in Arlington, the number of private affordable market rate apartments fell by 1,613—so the county housing program added 55 units, and then market forces took away 1,613. Only 3,437 affordable private rental apartments exist today (down from 20,000 in the Year 2000). The Va. Tech Center for Housing Research says Arlington needs 14,000 more affordable rental apartments for people making less than 60-percent of area median income.

$250,000– is the unit cost in AHIF (Arlington Housing Investment Fund) funds for each of the 66 affordable apartments CAFs at the Serrano Apartments on Columbia Pike for renters earning 60-percent or less AMI; the actual total cost of each these apartments was $250,000 as well. The total AHIF loan you approved last month was $16.5 million for the Serrano.

In January, you approved a separate $7.8 million loan for APAH for 71 new CAFs ($110,000 per unit in AHIF funds) at the Carlin Springs Apartments. These new units actually cost $538,000 each ($38.2 million total cost) even though APAH already owned the land. Free land does not mean low cost apartments.

$100 million—is what it would cost annually in AHIF funds to add 400 CAFs annually at the average cost of $250,000 each.

Given the need for 14,000 more apartments, and the exorbitant cost of new CAFs, our program will never succeed.

I suggest once again you look to the model of the Fairfax County Housing Authority that today adds CAFs for $100,000 per unit, and mainly houses people in Fairfax who make under $40,000 a year.

house_sketchSteve Davis


May 6, 2014

Arlington Preservation meeting–May 13 Panel: State of Preservation in Arlington

Development,environment — @ 3:22 pm

environmental earth with hands

May 13 Panel: State of Preservation in Arlington


Tue, May 13, 7pm – 9pm GMT-04:00


The Fillmore Room, Boulevard Woodgrill, 2901 Wilson Blvd., Arlington

For more information, go to Preservation Arlington, Inc. that is sponsoring this panel discussion
environmental earth with hands


April 30, 2014

Arlington voters to Arlington School Board– Don’t cut the Autism Program for Arlington middle and high school students!

schools — @ 3:57 pm

Subject: Don’t cut the Autism Program for Arlington middle and high school students!

Friends –

Please sign the petition to stop proposed cuts to the Autism program for Arlington middle and high school students. The School Board is proposing to cut seven positions from this very successful program which helps students with Autism take all of their main subjects in regular classrooms. The board is cutting $271,000 at a time when the number of young people diagnosed with Autism is increasing. The cuts would hurt 58 children who are currently in the program at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, H B Woodlawn, Washington &Lee High School, and Yorktown High School, as well as many future students now in elementary school who will be entering the middle and high schools in coming years. We believe the program is good for all students, who benefit from having peers with special needs supported in their classrooms.


In addition to signing the petition, there are two more ways you can help.

First, please forward the petition link to your friends who live in Arlington. And spread the word throughout Arlington through listervs and other communication networks. Every new signature on the petition generates a message with comments sent to each School Board member. We’re trying to reach 1,000 signatures by May 8.

Second, please join us at the Public Hearing on the School Budget on Thursday, May 8 — arrive at 7:00pm at 1426 N Quincy Street — to speak (if you like) or just show your support. Families and hand made signs are welcome. Bring as many friends as you can. Please RSVP at this link http://bit.ly/1h9O7Ob.

With all of the heartfelt support that people are giving, we’re more and more hopeful that we can persuade the Board to reject the cuts and instead work with parents and teachers to evaluate and expand the program to more children and schools.

Thanks again,

Gordon, Julia, Peter, Liz, Maria, Margaret, Maria, Doina and all of the other Concerned Parents of Students with Asperger’s/Autism

More information:

The petition site change.org requires that people be 13 years or older to sign the petition

Background: The Arlington School District is proposing to cut 7 staff members from the District’s successful Autism program for middle and high school students. The $271,000 in cuts would hurt our children by making it harder for them to participate in regular classrooms with their peers who are not in special education. Arlington’s middle and high school Autism program is successful because the 58 students who currently participate receive social skills instruction from teachers who understand Autism and Asperger’s, and direct support from assistants in regular mainstream classrooms. All students, with or without disabilities, benefit from increased attention and the expertise of the staff. Cutting more than half of the assistants would undermine the program. With the number of children being diagnosed with Autism rising, we need to expand, not cut, successful programs. Here is a report put together by parents about the program and its success.


April 28, 2014

Early thoughts on Proposed Redevelopment of the Wilson School in Rosslyn

Early Thoughts on Proposed Redevelopment of the Wilson School from Mark Antell, longtime Rosslyn civic activist
wilson school photo2
Some History
In the 1980s through the mid 1990s, the Wilson School building did not host a school. But the playfield was maintained, and it was heavily used evenings and weekends by the community. By 1997, the school building was back in use, as a ‘swing space’ for elementary schools undergoing renovation. The playfield however, was rendered unusable by trailers.
Over the last decade, Arlington Public Schools (APS) and Arlington County Government have proposed several initiatives to densely develop the Wilson School property. North Rosslyn Civic Association has opposed such proposals with a consistent message that the Wilson Site should be used for education and community service. We’ve been fortunate to receive strong support for that position from RAFOM (the Civic Association south of Wilson Blvd.), and from a number of civic-minded individuals and organizations throughout Arlington.

Today, the school is underutilized. It hosts only two programs, the delightful Mongolian School* program on Saturdays, and a once a year ‘holiday fiesta’ for our low-income families. Otherwise the Wilson School is unavailable for adult education or other community use. Also, the playfield is largely unusable.

The Current Proposal
APS proposes to build a new school on the property and to provide a functional playing field. Detail is lacking, but below I provide my early take on what we, the nearby residents, should regard as positive about this proposal; what we should regard as objectionable; and what we need answers about.

The most positive feature of the new APS proposal is that it uses the Wilson site appropriately, for education. Parents of students will form a powerful lobby to assure that developed and recreation space are optimized. The community would gain meeting space, adult education space, and both outdoor and indoor recreation space. For way way too long we’ve not had a playfield in our community. Here’s a chance to get one.

The Wilson School is an historic building. A new building will likely possess little of the charm, and little if any of the history.
The proposed new middle school would be many times the size and height of the current Wilson School. It would add substantial density affecting traffic, parking, views, etc. This would be the first ‘urban school’ in Arlington, and in my experience, APS staff does a horrible job the first time they tackle anything. We will do ourselves and incoming students a great service if we sharply question this project before it is ‘set in concrete.’

Unknowns / Questions we should raise early on, before they become issues
What happens to our pedestrian path, sitting area, small playground, and basketball court? It’s not clear. I understand that the future of these existing green/recreation areas will be discussed in a separate process, the West Rosslyn Area Planning Study (WRAPS). It might be a good idea to ask that study to examine whether the Wilson Firestation should be replaced at its current location, or whether it might be better to use that land for additional playspace for the very large school planned next door.
The new school will, inevitably, schedule some activities outside normal school hours. Which school resources (gym, meeting space, educational space, playfield) will be available for community use, and when will they be available?
It would also be a good idea to decide if we, the nearby residents, want the playfield to be available for use after dark.


April 22, 2014

Next meeting of Arlington Greens: Thursday, May 1, 7:00 PM at Ballston Firehouse

green meetings — @ 3:03 pm

The May meeting of the Arlington Greens will be held on Thursday, May 1 at 7:00 PM at the usual meeting place, the community room of the Ballston Firehouse located at George Mason Drive and Wilson Boulevard.

An agenda will be email out to all AGP members a few days before the meeting. The public is cordially invited to attend but only members are entitled to vote. Membership is open to all Arlington residents, normal dues are $25 a year, but there are lower dues for students, seniors, and low income persons.Sunflower_green

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